Who reads a book entirely?

Ok, I am one of those booklovers who reads a book from start to finish. Apparently, not like everyone…

Recently, I heard this (true) story about an author who wrote a book (ok, nothing out of the ordinary yet).

After selling a couple of thousands, on a given day he receives a message from one of his readers that in his copy page 147 was missing and if another copy could be send…So, he gets to his stock and takes the first book, looks at page 147 and yes, you guessed it already : the page is missing here too!

Next, he goes to his previous version (I don’t recall if this was the third or second reprint, but in fact it doesn’t matter!) and looks for page 147. Guess what : it’s NOT there!

Wow, he looks in his archive for a copy of his first version and of course : no page 147 😉

So, actually page 147 (sure, also page 148 😉 ) never existed…Now, everyone makes mistakes, I am the first one to admin, but what strikes me is that nobody ever saw it (or took the effort to tell the author about it)!

I mean if you read a book and 2 pages are missing…duh!?!

This brings me to the conclusion that not everyone reads the whole book, right?

In fact, I tested this with some friends and most of them confessed, they only read the intro’s, the first chapter (maybe 2, max3) and the last one, jumping to conclusions.

Wow, I am impressed…

What about you? Do you read every book entirely?

Now, would it be a great idea to write a book with 12 chapters and publish it like any other book, but with just the first 2 chapters (first and last ones) actually printed??? How’s that for creative writing? Who’s willing to be my publisher? 😉

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck
Network Creator

One Response to Who reads a book entirely?

  1. Marion says:

    Hi Bert,

    I am also one of these people who reads every book from page one to the very end.
    And I would definitely have mentioned the disappearance of page 147 to either the author or the publisher. It’s all about giving feedback, happens way too seldom in life.


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