Living an Extraordinay Life!

I can hardly believe the amount of LUCK that I have!

Next to the traditional meaning of Luck, according to Roger Hamilton, LUCK is the “Key to Wealth” and it stands for

L = Location    U = Understanding    C = Connecting    K = Knowledge

I am in the right place, enjoying my flow! I do understand what is happening to me and I love every minute of it! Unbelievable the great connections I am making lately! Being on a high energy level also stimulates my knowledge base… I am learning at an incredible rythm these days 😉

XL Results Foundation So, I decided to step up and recently signed up for his XL Results Foundation, meaning that I am the first Belgian XL Life Member. Jihaa!

Next to traveling around to be in the “right” places, I ‘ll be regularly attending spectacular seminars (XL has +2000 this year!) from now on, learning to understand more, connect with an additional network of 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide, including 3000 other Life Members and I ‘ll be learning and teaching several interesting subjects. To be continued…  😉

So, yes, I am already living an Extraordinary Life! Thanks and what about you? When will you realize that today is the FIRST day of the rest of your live? Talk to me…

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck


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