Are you successful?

How do you define success? When do you consider yourself successful?

In my opinion, everyone will have its own version, but for me, it does not only mean wealth & fortune! I have met several people I admire and respect enourmously, who others would consider paupers. They chose (and are choosing every day) to live their lives with passion. They enjoy what they are doing, and they love it every day, in fact every minute of it!

So, in my book, if you want success than you need to find something that you enjoy doing every day! Without passion it is extremely difficult to keep on track and stay the course! Too many people are stuck in the rat race and their everyday pattern, mostly defined by “others”.

I want to break that pattern and inspire people to find or create their real passion, connect them with the right people and contribute in achieving their dreams! I can honestly state that I am quite successful at it and will be even more successful in the future…

I am successful at making others successful!

So, if you are not successful yet, talk to me 😉

If you are you successful? Tell me!

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck


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