Spicy food?

In India there are two kinds of restaurants, veg and non-veg. Most Hindus are vegetarians or do not eat beef, just like the Sikhs. Muslims do not eat pork or drink alcohol. The state of Gujarat has even a complete alcohol-ban. 

Also be careful with spicy food. It is not because you are in the habit of eating spicy at home that you can deal with spicy Indian food! Most Europeans are not used to the diversity of spices and suffer from diarrhea also called a “Delhi belly”.

Washing your hands before eating is obligatory as well as eating with your right hand for meals without cutlery. In some cases it is a protocol to politely turn down the first offer of tea or coffee. They will ask you over and over again!

Try the local flavours and specialties! If you ask a chilled bottle of wine/beer/…, they present it to you, so you can read the label. Just touch that bottle with your right hand to feel if it is chilled enough…Also ask for a bottle of mineral water. In case the food is too spicy or you don’t like it enough, you can still enjoy your glass of water 😉 Contrary to popular belief, you’d better eat rice or nan (bread) to soften the strong (spicy?) taste, instead of drinking anything!

And if you decide to try something spicy, just take a small bite to begin with! Don’t say, I didn’t warn you 😉

Any great Indian recipes to share, anyone?

Enjoy every day,
Bert Verdonck

Network Creator

One Response to Spicy food?

  1. Sunita says:

    Hello Bert,

    I am an Indian n now living in Belgium. It was interesting to know India through you.
    Keep up the good work.


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