Doing business in India?

Doing business is India is intriguing. India is a land of extreme contrasts: rich & poor, sweet & spicy, clean & dirty, fast & slow, hot & cool, etc., but also a land of opportunities!  

If you (want to) do business in India, there are a few facts you need to know and I will be writing several articles on this topic. So stay tuned for more…

Greeting ceremony 

The traditional way of greeting in India is folding your handpalms facing each other, making a little bow and saying “Namasté”. It is best to start with the oldest person. Traditional women can not be talked to nor touched until their husband gives you permission. More modern entrepreneurs shake hands. Do not worry if they hold your hand a fraction too long, it is a mere sign of friendship, without any sexual connotation.  It might seem that the Indians are very curious, because they want to know everything about you at the first meeting. It is their method of establishing a relationship by asking you all sorts of personal questions. Once you are getting through the first phase, they will often invite you to their private life as well. You might be invited to a family party or even to a wedding after knowing someone just a couple of hours! 

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

Network Creator 


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