Just double your income!

We become the people who we are through the people we spend time with, the books we read and the seminars we attend.

– Chris Howard –

What a great experience!

A couple of weekends ago, I went to Breakthrough to Success, a seminar by Chris Howard, one of the leading authorities on accelerated personal achievement.

Together with 5 friends and Tonia, we went to London to attend this 3 day seminar.

The results are astonishing!

During the seminar they gave us several testimonials about people who doubled their income after a week or so. I punched my friends next to me, saying that it would be nice, but I couldn’t see it happen for me. What a limiting belief that was! 😉

Going through the seminar it became clear that this was not my only limiting belief…time for action, right?

Anyway, I got rid of several limiting beliefs and replaced them with my mission in life and several magical dreams. I also felt like my fourth ‘C’ was eager to start, so I finally did tell some people about it. I ended up with several friends asking me to become their coach and to help them going through a similar transformation process like mine. I love it!

On the camino I sometimes asked people (who did not know me at all), what kind of profession they would think would suit me best. I was blown away by the amount of people telling me I’d be a fantastic coach! It made me thinking about it, so when I got back I talked to several professional coaches about becoming a coach myself. Yves Miserez, another friend at Ecademy, is a succesful coach for years. I was really touched by his positive reaction and stimulation (like several of his collegues). The week after Chris Howard’s seminar, Yves called me to ask if I was interested in a coaching project for over 20 people! Wow!

In the end, I realised by accepting his offer, that I just doubled my income and that Chris Howard was right again 😉

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

PS : By the way, I want to inspire others and help where I can. If YOU are interested in Breakthrough to Success, I have FREE tickets for Chris Howard’s next seminar in februari 2008, in London. Just mail me!


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