The “Banana Man”…just go bananas!

“Wow! Respect!”

These were my first two words after reading the story of Kevin “Banana Man” Allen!

Kevin saw a documentary about AIDS orphans in Zululand (South Africa) and quite literally went bananas. He watched in horror as a young boy witness his father die of AIDS in front his of eyes. He had to walk miles back to his home, a filthy mud hut with no running water, gas or electricity. Distraught and starving, he soon broke down in tears – so did Kevin. His mother had already died of AIDS a year early and his brave sister, aged only 11, tried to comfort him in vain.

Kevin could not accept this and six days later went to Zululand, bought a taxi full of bananas to offer it to the starving children (hence his nickname : the banana man). He sold his house, went back, giving as much as he could, started a charity fund (Banana Appeal) to initialise a structural way of helping orphans. In the meantime he wrote a book about his story.

He only needs 4p (6 eurocent) to feed a hungry child for a day with fresh fruit! 

His goal is to feed 1 million school meals…so, how can you help? Visit the site, donate, buy the book, sign up as a volunteer, …

Time for action,



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