Four crazy Belgians on the Camino…

My good friend Edu is about 2m tall, so some people nicknamed him El Chiquitin (the little one). He is Basque and speaks Basque (Euskera) and Spanish. He understands just a few words of French and English, not enough to conversate, so I tried to speak Spanish (always including a few Italian words, right Edu?) to him. Eventually, we managed to communicate very well. I even learned him some basic German words…I know we would have all day during the hiking, but just imagine you want to tell a story of 10 minutes and synthesize it into 5 sentences, otherwhise it would take too long to explain 😉

Anyway, he once told me he had met just a couple of Belgians on his Camino and all were loco (crazy). Indeed, he told me about these four crazy Belgians

Of course, I don’t need to explain myself. Everyone knows me 😉 No comment!

I already told you about my new friend Sandrita. I must admit, she sometimes acts like she’s crazy… Singing, dancing and joking all the time, she is truly fun to be with! She is indeed a great person with a caring heart, sincere and giving. On top of that she speaks 7 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish) fluently. She’s an actor in theatre productions, animates children (and adults) and is a tour guide (currently in Ecaudor!). Does this sound too much like an ad for her? 😉 Well, she’s single and who knows who might be interested…

Number 3 is Roger, a 73 year-old Belgian from the Walloon area. He is reknown for his incredible speed. He walks like his feet are on fire! Wow! Impressive, but he is probably best known for his funny, limited conversations or quote, which goes like: “Ca va? Ca va? Mangez? Mangez? C’est bien, no? C’est bon!” So, many people might refer to him as “Roger Mangez” 😉 Everytime you meet him he repeats this quote, over and over again! I’ve seen people going crazy, because they’ve spend a lot of time with him 😉 No, seriously, he’s from a different generation and I respect him for walking 800km at his age, knowing that he does this for his wife who is diagnosed with cancer. I wish him all the best!

Then last, but not least comes our famous fidler, Caroline, also from the Walloon area (rest assured, my team is politically correct 😉 ). She is a pretty good violin player, who missed her instrument too long during the trip, so she decided to buy one on the Camino. Can you imagine someone with a backpack, carrying a violin too? She sometimes plays unaware of several peregrinos sitting quitly behind her on the stairs, enjoying the lovely sounds…Or she teams up with other musicians along the road, we had guitar players from Italy, El Salvador, Spain, France, etc. , next to flutes, piano and a lot of homemade instruments. The true sound of the Camino!

So, if these 4 people were the only Belgians you’ve met on your trip to Santiago, Edu’s right : Todo loco!

Enjoy every day,



2 Responses to Four crazy Belgians on the Camino…

  1. Alexis Joukes says:

    Mr. Edu stayed with Bert during August. They both enjoyed a game of football on a local grass perk with some friends of the neighbourhood.
    Both of them were great players and made all the goals of that night.

    Keep up the footwork

    De Groeten.

  2. Super says:

    I agree in your post, but there must be an exact explanation on that.

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