The pineapple story…

Yet another Camino story…

At a certain point on the Camino, called the Meseta,  we had to walk a straight part of 17km without bars, shops, towns or anything else from civilization.

Some people were afraid or feared to be bored by it. Others raved on it, because finally we would go on a great plain of (almost) untouched nature. The only thing reminding us of humans is the electricity cables in the sky, at a distance.

Anyway, before leaving the last town, I decided to buy a large pineapple. People told me I was crazy! Everyone is looking to minimize the weight of their backpack, I just added 3kgs to it 😉 I decided to ignore them, smiled at them and told them it was my favorite fruit…

So, I carried the heavy pineapple on my back on top of my backpack for 17kms. At the first town, the first building was a refugio. Although I had decided upfront I would not stay there, it was time for a break on a rock in front of this refugio. I took my pineapple and sliced it. I offered a fresh piece of pineapple to everyone passing by…

At first people were surprised that someone offered it to them, but then I saw them smiling from ear to ear. They all enjoyed a juicy piece of pineapple, it didn’t matter how tired, wet or concentrated they were! Needless to say that it was a priceless experience to contribute to their happyness, even if it was for just a moment on their challenging trip to Santiago…

So, now you know the story of that crazy Belgian who brought a fresh pineapple on the Meseta!

Enjoy every day,


One Response to The pineapple story…

  1. Bart says:

    Again a mindblowing story! Bert is such a great proactive networker. Carry 3 kg extra with the intention to put of tons of weight off the shoulders of many by passers. If that isn’t proactive networking.

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