Education at home?

Several people are talking about educating their children at home. Be it from a religious point of view or from the fact that parents can do better than the school system (or other reasons?), some parents are considering (or doing it!) to teach their children at home and not at school.


Education of children has become a complex challenge. Several children are “too” smart for their age. Others are more advanced in some subjects and “normal” at others. Teachers have to divide their attention to so many children, often resulting that the smartest become lazy, bored or rebellious and the “slower” children are not capable of catching up with the rest…

Anyway, would you consider to educate your children at home? Why (not)?

Looking forward to your replies,



One Response to Education at home?

  1. Hi Bert,

    I agree. Although teachers have ways of handling ‘slower’ children (extra help), there are not many oppertunities for the smart ones. But on the other hand… not all parents are capable of teaching their young ones.

    And if you do have a smart one at home, it’s nice to see him/her play smart with others besides you 😉

    Kind regards,

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