Flexitarian… a what?

Yes, most of my friends already know, I became a flexitarian!

According to Wikipedia, flexitarianism is the practice of eating mainly vegetarian food, but making occasional exceptions for social, pragmatic, or nutritional reasons. They will eat meat and other animal products sometimes. For example, a flexitarian might make only vegetarian dishes at home, but eat dishes including meat at the home of family or friends.

So, now you know!

What about you? What kind of “eater” are you?

An omnivore, a carnivore, a pescetarian, a pollotarian, a fruitarian, a vegetarian, a freegan or vegan ? Or even something else?


Let me know!

So, you still want to know why ? I feel so much better when I don’t eat meat, especially pork meat. It drains a lot of my energy. At first I was very sceptic! In fact, I did not believe it, until I saw the effects when Tonia stopped eating pork meat. Wow! I had to try that myself too 😉 Oh, yes, what a difference! This was like 5 years ago…

I was cutting back meat more and more, but the step of becoming a full vegetarian is still a big one. Although I am fond of vegetarian food, I sometimes still like a piece of steak on the BBQ or on special occasions I eat meat. Also at our family and friends sometimes.  

All feedback welcome 😉

Enjoy every day,



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