Today I´ll reach the 200km marker!

June 7, 2007

it´s been quite a trip so far! Already 600km behind me 😉

In “only” 200km I will reach Santiago…

Yesterday was the hottest day so far : around 30 degrees.

Some people fainted, a few were carried to the hospital. A woman broke her arm and someone else got a food poisoning. I am alright though!

Today I will go for a mere 21km, maybe 26km…

I wish you all the best today and the all the coming days,


My mission is lost!

June 5, 2007

Before starting on the Camino, I wrote a new mission in life.

I printed it and plastified it on a small card that I took with me. I also put my 7 keywords and my website on it at the back.

My morning ritual is to read it and during the day visualise with it.

Some people were very interested by what I put on it. So yesterday, I gave it to some people from New Zealand and they lost it! They are so sorry about this and so do I, but maybe there is a message in this too…

Let me know what you think,


Counting kilometers?

June 5, 2007

Due to the inability of the Internet (when there was access, it got so cramped with people, I could not take the effort to write articles at 3AM!), I could keep you posted on the kilometers that passed by.

So, today I am in Astorga and some 260 km left.

This also means that I already covered 540 km !!! Wow, I impressed myself 😉

If you walk 20 to 30 km every day, you don´t notice the total, right?

Enjoy every day,


Blisters : the next score

June 5, 2007

Blister count : it went up to 5, then to 7 and finally to 12. The last days are much better, because the weather finally improved.

Today, I can proudly say, that only 2 are left that still hurt!

Stay tuned,


Tonia´s Blog

June 5, 2007

I want to introduce you to Tonia´s Blog.

My wife is a great woman and I love her very much 😉

She also writes bits and pieces about the Camino.



Vandaag terug online!

June 5, 2007

Een prachtige tocht totnutoe. Weinig Internet beschikbaar, vandaar de lange stilte hier…

Op dit moment is het een beetje te veel om op te noemen wat ik hier allemaal beleef!

Dus nog even geduld 😉

Enjoy every day,