Lessons on the Camino

I learned a lot of lessons on the Camino.

It will take some time to write down all of them, but I want to make an effort to publish at some of the lessons that made my trip special.

I am back home for 1 week (already!), but I am still contemplating on the Camino every day…

We enjoyed a great weekend with good friends in the Ardennes. One of them is getting close to a burnout. He is always tired, lacks energy, just want to stay at home, he sleeps badly, is extremely busy at work, etc. Sounds a lot like I used to be, right? 😉

Now, he was so enthusiastic about our Camino, that he is now thinking about walking his own one! We are researching some extra info on the Camino following the coastline for him. Anyway, it is likely that he will start in a couple of months…he wants to take some time off to think about his life.

The hardest part is often to make up your mind about what it is, you really want in life. I call it a mission in life. Once you have a mission it becomes easier to fit in everything you do into your mission or you just don’t do it…

Enjoy every day,



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