What can you do in one day ?

How much can a person do in a day?

What can you do in one day ? Does it make a (real) difference if you do it today (or not) ?

Why do we often do less than we planned for ? Is it because we overplan or underperform ?

I went on this trip with little preparations (if I compare with my fellow pilgrims). Even the daily planning I skipped. I just started and saw where I would arrive at evening.

Most of the days I arrived where I wanted to be. Sometimes I went a bit further and sometimes I stopped early because I listened to my body (e.g. backache).

So, are we doing the same thing in our professional life ? Are we planning too much ? Do we want too much too fast ? I don´t know… I do know that I take live much easier now. Less stress, more enjoyment! This is my wish to you all…

Enjoy every day,



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