My mission is lost!

Before starting on the Camino, I wrote a new mission in life.

I printed it and plastified it on a small card that I took with me. I also put my 7 keywords and my website on it at the back.

My morning ritual is to read it and during the day visualise with it.

Some people were very interested by what I put on it. So yesterday, I gave it to some people from New Zealand and they lost it! They are so sorry about this and so do I, but maybe there is a message in this too…

Let me know what you think,



2 Responses to My mission is lost!

  1. Hey bert,

    I’m happy that you’re able to publish some articles again.
    About your mission and your keywords… Of course they lost it… It was not their mission… It was not that important to them as it was (is) to you.
    If they sat down for a few hours (maybe days) to write their own I’m certain they won’t lose it.

    Have a nice walk 🙂

  2. David says:

    Hi Bert,

    Want me to fax your mission to you? 😉

    Well your idea of repeating this every day and visualise your goals ; these are textbook ‘getting things done’ methods, very laudable!

    I am really looking forward to see you again when you return, and curious what you’ve learned!!

    enjoy the walk,


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