Different keyboards in the world

About half of my age ago, I learned to type on a typewriter and a computer at school. It made my type using all my fingers and a lot faster than I could with 2 (altough I was pretty fast)!

Now, every country has its own keyboard layout. So, typing here in Spain does not go as well as planned, because you pay in an Internet café for every minute.

Anyway, typing this (and all other articles) does not go as smoothly as they appear on your screan.

It´s been a while that I made so many errors (yes, I admit!)  🙂

So, if in the coming days some type errors occur, please think about how hard it is to type on a different layout…

Why am I writing this, no idea 🙂

Anyway, if anyone has a great link about this subject, please submit!

Enjoy every day,



One Response to Different keyboards in the world

  1. http://pressposts.com/Sports/Different-keyboards-in-world/

    Submited post on PressPosts.com – “Different keyboards in the world”

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