Change of plans!

Yes, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we must change our plans…

One of our best friends, who would join us on the trip for the first week, has cancelled, because she just started at a new job a couple of weeks ago. She would not get a vacation anytime soon. So, we invited another friend. She cancelled wednesday. Too much work, deadlines and more work! On top of that, she had a little car accident…We understood and wish her all the best!

Anyway, our first friend got fired after the first week, because her boss had apparently misjudged the new function. She is really good at it, but he wanted someone with a different skillset. He was sorry to have misbriefed the interim agency. Now, she was without a job! Being jobless, she would have time to join us on our vacation, so we were looking forward to it!

To make a long story short, she called us yesterday to tell us she found a new job, starting this monday! Wow 😉  

It must have been predestined that just the two of us are finally leaving for France…

This means we are going to park our car in Spain, take the bus back to France and arrive at our car after 5 days, so that Tonia can drive back home. I will continue (alone) to Santiago as planned.

Anyway, I can not give any guarantee that these plans are final, seen the last minute changes so far, but I keep you all posted 😉

Enjoy your weekend,



One Response to Change of plans!

  1. Steve Hall says:

    I have just read in Ecademy of your walk. I wish I had heard earlier. Anyway, I wish you every success and I will feature your blog on my site and ask my Spanish frineds and/or friends in Spain to check regularly.

    Good Luck – My Thoughts are with You.


    Alicante, Spain

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