7, 6, 5 and counting!

Time is flying when you are having fun!

I have bought Magnesium-pills, read a couple of useful sentences in Spanish, looked at the pile of things I still need to get into my backpack somehow. Maybe it ‘s time to review my list (again) 😉

My backpain is over and my shoulder is starting to feel better as well! Yes, at the end of this week, we will be on the road already…

One small hick-up : the yellow booklet for the stamps has not arrived yet! I need this to get stamps everywhere on the road : in refugios, in townhalls, in musea, in churches and even in some restaurants… It’s a kind of proof that you actually walked the Camino. So, I called today and they will mail it by priority mail. I keep you posted…

Enjoy every day,



One Response to 7, 6, 5 and counting!

  1. Cathy says:

    Awel ! Doe het goed ! ik ga proberen te lezen en hoop dat het je lukt om deze bij te werken -maar prioriteiten eerst : eerst stappen, denken en vooral genieten ! xxx

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