Starting with golf

Saturday I had my first golf-lesson!

I signed up for an golf initiation together with 5 other newbies. My goal is to get my golf certificate (GVB) by the summer.

After an introduction to the sport, it was time to learn the grips and putting.

Wow, this is hard…I looks easy and when I was a kid, we went to midget golf once and a while, but the “real” stuff is so much harder! It is really interesting to see me even missing a 50cm put 😉 Not once, but several times… Everyone has the right to learn, right?

Are you a golfer ? What handicap ? And do you play often ? What is the best golf course you ever played on? Any golf stories you want to share?

I think golf is quite an ‘honest’ sport. One day you are playing very good and might be capable of beating a pro. The next day, you are beaten by a novice…In a lot of sports he who owns the best gear often wins the game. Not so in golf!

Have a great day,


One Response to Starting with golf

  1. Kris says:

    Hi Bert,

    I’ve got a 36hcp, playing at Golfcentrum Puurs (Breendonk). If you want to play some round of golf or if you want to connect, let me know by mail and I’ll send you my contact details! All the best with your new project, which I saw at the Ecademy forum earlier today.

    kind regards,

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