Double Dreamin’ ?

Don’t we all dream of winning a big jackpot or lottery or … ? Sure we do!

But, how do you decide on the numbers? Some people select significant numbers like birthdays, others go for calculated numbers or some just pick random numbers.

Mary Wollens, an 86 year old ex-lottery winner, won the Ontario Lottery after dreaming of a lotto ticket and a large cheque. So she decided to buy yet another lottery ticket with the same numbers (duh?). Needless to say she won (again), (or I would not be writing this…) but what is fascinating is that someone else had the right numbers as well! Normally we would laugh at people buying the same numbers again, but instead of splitting the amount in half, it was now divided in 3 parts, where Mary took home 2/3!

What are the odds on that? 😉

Sure, I play too and I keep on dreaming. So, I must change the order, dream of the numbers first, then play…

Enjoy every day,



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