Wise words…

I am starting with a new category about wise words on my blog.

I have been reading so many interesting quotes, articles, magazines, books, etc. that it is time to share some of them to you!

So, here is the first one:

There are people who make things happen

There are people who watch things happen

And there are people who say “What happened?”

Now, if I reflect this on myself, I can honestly tell you that I am all three! Why, well depending on the situation, I change and adapt to it…

So, which one of these are you? Let me know, ok?

Overall I am sure of being 70% “making things happen”. Watching probably goes to 20% and asking the remaining 10%.

For a guy who does not read the newspapers, watches or listen to the news, I sometimes ask people : What happened? πŸ˜‰

Some people do not understand why I do not follow up on the news??? It is simple really : The majority of the news has negative vibes and I do not need them! I am focussing on the positive things in live! The most important issues I hear anyway through talking with others…On top of that, the time I do not spend on the news, I am doing stuff that I really enjoy πŸ˜‰

What about you? Are you addicted to the news? How much time do you spend on it daily?

Enjoy every day,



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