How Bombay got its name…

Most of you probably know this already, but some don’t, so…

In 1534 AD, the Portuguese rulers took Bombay islands by force from the Muslim rulers. The Portuguese built forts at Sion, Bandra, Mahim and Bassien which are still standing. They named the city as “Bom Baia” which in Portuguese means “Good Bay”.

In 1662 AD the island of Mumbai was handed over to the English King Charles II as a dowry gift on his marriage to Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza.

Later, in 1668 these islands were acquired by the English East India Company on lease from the crown for an annual sum of 10 pounds in gold. This was because larger vessels and ships could easily dock, and found the islands of Bombay ideal for development and trade. The British changed the Portuguese name “Bom Baia” to “Bombay”.

Source : Mumbai Mirror

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